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It's Not About Me Per Say

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

So you may be wondering what that acronym stands for huh? Trust me, it has nothing to do with me as far as my looks (thank you for the compliments though). However, it has everything to do with the creative design and outcome of my desserts. I believe your sweet masterpieces should look aesthetically pleasing to the eye before you take the first bite. Although, I am somewhat of a perfectionist, which can be a gift and a curse; I like to put my best effort into creating desserts for my clients.

Creative - How do you make a difference? I am creative; I like to transform old concepts and make them my own.

Unique - How do you stand out? I am unique; I have a special way of doing the task

Talented - What is your skill? I am talented; I am a master of my skill.

Experienced - What is your experience? I am experienced; I do not just talk about it – I am about it, experienced and hands-on.

Greetings and welcome to my blog! My name is Dawn and I have been a scratch baker for over twenty years now. I have always had a passion for baking and creating desserts since I was a little girl; and it is my favorite thing to do! I have been inspired by so many people; especially my mom, grandmother, and aunt in which I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to watch them in the kitchen as a child.

My fascination with sweets goes beyond my imagination and with that comes all the possibilities to be creative in the kitchen. I have not had any professional training, but I do believe some of the best bakers are located right in their homes. There is something about a person that can take a recipe and make it their own; and wow the crowd. There is so much passion in every step of creating a dessert. As I go through this journey, I hope to be inspired and to inspire you too!

The C.U.T.E. Baker

It’s not just a brand, it’s what I am.

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